The only sources for our data and charts are official EU documents and financial reports as well as official reports of the member states. In order to calculate per capita figures we use official Eurostat figures of member states populations, and in order to calculate relative figures we use official Eurostat numbers of gross domestic product (GDP).

Population: Data for population sizes are from Eurostat (link)

Gross Domestic Product: Data for GDP in current prices in EUR are from Eurostat (link) or, where prior 1994 Eurostat data were not available data from IMF are used (link)

Extra-EU trade: Data for imports to member states from outside the EU are from Eurostat (since 2004 link, for 1995-2003 link)

EU budget payments: Data for transfers between member states and the EU are from EU budget financial reports:






2011: Budget 2010 Financial report,  EU Budget 2009 Financial ReportEU Budget 2007 Financial Report and EU Budget 2008 Financial Report.

Capital payments to the EIB: Data on capital contributions and contributions to the reserves of the European Investment bank are based on financial statements of the EIB (link) and accession treaties (link).

Capital payments to the Research Fund for Coal and Steel: Data on payments by member states to the EU’s Coal and Steel Fund are taken from the Accession treaties (link for Austria, Finland and Sweden, link the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus and Malta, link for Bulgaria and Romania, link for Croatia)

Capital payments to the ECB: Data for capital contributions to the European Central Bank are from ECB decisions: ECB/1998/2,  ECB/2000/14ECB/2003/18ECB/2003/20ECB/2004/10ECB/2004/6ECB/2006/26ECB/2006/23ECB/2008/25ECB/2008/28ECB/2010/27ECB/2010/28.

Redistribution of Monetary Income: Rules of distributing interest income are described in the Statute of the European System of Central banks (link). A decision by ECB (2001/16) on method on distributing monetary income is available here. Data for net monetary income come from annual reports of individual central banks of the Euro-zone.

Penalties by ECJ and charges by the European Commission: Data on taxes charged by the European Commission for “surplus stocks” of agriculture products are from the Commission decisions IP/07/466IP/06/1551Commission regulation 144/1997 and Commission Decision 2010/454. Data for amounts of fines imposed to the member states for breaching EU legislation are taken from ECJ judgments, EU Annual budgets and various European Commission reports. The ECJ judgments on penalties: Greece 2000: C-387/97, Spain 2003: ECJ case C-278/01, France 2005: ECJ case C-304/02

ESM Capital Payments: Eurozone countries agreed to pay up capital of EUR 80 billion according to their shares. They agreed to pay 2/5 of their shares in 2012, 2/5 in 2013 and the last 1/5 in 2014. Latvia´s payments are available here: and Lithuanias here: