As a consequence of the EU’s system of contributions and subsidies there are each year countries that are net recipients of EU funds and countries that are net contributors to the EU budget.

The purpose of this site is to provide information about payments by member states to and from the EU budgets, which is not easily available from standard EU financial reports.

We also want to emphasize the fact that the money the EU spends is nothing but money taken from European taxpayers.

What do we believe in?

The authors of this site believe that most of EU spending is in contradiction with the EU’s proclaimed principle of subsidiarity. Neither agricultural nor regional subsidies are something that should be politically organized, let alone through a remote supranational body.

Moreover, subsidies distort markets and thus slow down economic growth. Last but not least, this supranational redistribution of taxpayers’ money is politically unhealthy – it causes animosities, not friendship between nations.

What do we want to change about the EU?

In order to reduce inefficiencies and to keep peace among European nations these subsidies and contributions should be abolished.

If the EU should continue in exietence, it should live only on about EUR 20 billion a year (about 17% of the current budget) it raises from import duties. This would be enough to finance the EU’s institutions and their necessary expenditures.