(Flag of Portugal) Population 10,341,330
GDP EUR 185,180 mil.
GDP per capita EUR 17,907
Share in imports of goods to the EU 0.80 %
Net income from the EU EUR 1,562.49 mil.
Net income from the EU in % of GDP 0.84 %
Net income from the EU per capita 151.09
In 2016 the taxpayers of Portugal received from the European Union  151 euros per head over what they contributed. Since its accession to the EU the country has received from the European Union EUR 65977 million over what it has contributed. Select a year in the upper right-hand corner to see details for other years.

Note that this breakdown compares fiscal transfers only and does not include other costs and benefits connected with membership in the EU (administrative costs, co-funding of EU projects, effects of EU legislation on domestic prices etc.).

Portugal became a member of the European Community in 1986. In November 1993 the European Community transformed into the European Union. Portugal’s Accession Treaty is available here.

Payment in mil EUR in % of GDP in EUR per capita
GNI-based own resource -1,172.20 -0.63 -113.35
VAT-based own resource -261.30 -0.14 -25.27
Customs and Agriculture duties paid by taxpayers -199.61 -0.11 -19.30
UK correction (= the “rebate”) -139.00 -0.08 -13.44
Reduction in GNI-own resource granted to NL and SE -13.50 -0.01 -1.31
Sugar levies -0.10 0.00 -0.01
Freedom, security, justice 65.90 0.04 6.37
Competitiveness 242.30 0.13 23.43
Natural resources (=farm subsidies) 1,424.70 0.77 137.77
Cohesion 1,615.30 0.87 156.20